Anonymous asked: “ Are you on a hiatus? ”

Sort of. -.- I’m working on some scenarios now, but I don’t know when they will be up. 

Anonymous asked: “ Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people’s asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. ♥ ”

awhh thank you bebe ;) 

Anonymous asked: “ Infinite ”

yes. dah babies. 


GAHHH, I know. I need to get on that. Don’t worry I will as soon as I can. ^^ 

Anonymous asked: “ Can you make more scenarios about you are also idol The example is "when u hurt urself when idol championship" I like that one much hehe :D ”

yes, I’ll think of a title then add it to the list. Thank you for requesting ^^ 

Anonymous asked: “ Great scenarios! I would like to request where you are American girl dating Sunggyu, you become pregnant, but he denies that baby sys he used protection so cant be. Once the baby was born looking exactly like sunggyu especially those eyes. Sungyu begs for forgiveness I wants to be part of the baby life. Will you forgive him? Thanksz2 ”

Thank you! & sorry for the late reply. :( Yesyes, I’ll add that to the list at once! Thanks for requesting<3 

When you see Sunggyu confess to someone else.

You happily walked towards the music room where your crush was currently rehearsing, with a homemade bento box tightly gripped in your hands. You had specially arranged this lunch with all his favorite foods in it and you were planning to finally confess your feelings to him today. 

Two years ago today you and him had an accidental meeting….

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Hey guys, I’m sorry. I know I haven’t been updating as much as I used to, but please bear with me here. I haven’t died and I haven’t abandoned infinites-scenarios or exos-scenarios. I will update as soon as I can. 

Thank you everyone for sticking with me. I love you guys. 

& for everyone who was curious, I did go see Infinite at the Nokia theater in L.A and they were absolutely beautiful. 

When Woohyun is stressed and he goes to you for help to relax

"Okay, I got it. Alright, bye." With a loud sigh Woohyun ended the phone call with his manager and sunk deeply into the couch. You were too concentrated on the article in a magazine that you didn’t even notice how Woohyun was acting, which bothered him slightly. So, striving for your attention, he let out an even louder sigh. "Hmph." The boy grunted with annoyance when you didn’t even budge at his expressed is disappointed mood. 

"Hello?? Stressed out boyfriend here." The male waved his hand in front of your face. "Hmm? What is it?" You replied without lifting your concentrated gaze from the magazine. Woohyun pursed his lips then with a sly smirk he wrapped his arms around your waisted and lifted you into his lap. Giving you a doe-eyed stare, he pouted at you. "Jaggi-ya.. My schedule is so full for the next few months that I barely have time to relax. Aren’t you going to help me?" 

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soup-chan asked: “ Can I request a scenario with SungGyu? Where he and you are spending a snow day inside with a pillow/blanket fort and hot cocoa? Thanks. ^^ been a fan for quite sometime, so I figured I would finally ask for a scenario. :) ”

awh cute. yeah I’ll add it to the list~ ^^ thank you for reading and requesting! ♥  

Anonymous asked: “ So I've only read two scenarios and I'm loving this blog already. Keep writing! I love your work so much! :D ~an inspirit ”

Oh, thank you fellow inspirit.~

ifnt7b2st asked: “ Hi Infinite Scenarios! I am a fan of your scenarios! SO COOL ^-^... I was just wondering If you could do a scenario when Myungsoo wants to ask you out but so embarrassed so L do it and then you start saying that you like myungsoo more than L but then he asks you out in a shy way... KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK ^^ <3 Love you INFINITE SCENARIOS ”

Hi there~ I’ll add it to the pending requests! Thanx thanx thanx.  ♥ love you more~

Anonymous asked: “ Can you do one where woohyun Is really stressed out and can't relax so he goes to you and you help him relax (non-rated) ? I hope it's really cute :) ”

I added it to the list. Thanks for requesting :)